Scaling Agile: How Many Teams Are Too Many?

This is  the second instalment of a “Scaling Agile” blog series. The first instalment was  “Scaling Agile: A Law And Two Paradoxes”. Before proceeding further, please, read it, as it sets the context for what follows. In this post I’ll suggest a way to find an answer to this question: Q1: How many people and […]

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Scaling Agile: A Law And Two Paradoxes

Scaling Agile is all the rage nowadays. Apparently many, mostly big, companies have “big projects” that need plenty of people to be developed, and they want to do that in an Agile fashion in order to reap the benefits of quick feedback and responding to change, but on a grander scale. At least, this is […]

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System Tests Can Kill Your Project

Introduction Automated testing (I’m deliberately ignoring manual testing in this post) has become a hot subject for which many people have strong opinions, especially when unit testing and system testing are involved (integration and component testing seem to be a bit less controversial). The debate, typically, is around what kind of testing is more effective […]

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