ACCU 2009 Conference, Oxford (UK) — one month to the start

The ACCU 2009 conference will start in about one month. The 21 of April is pre-conference tutorials day with:

  • Linda Rising “Fearless Change: Patterns For Introducing New Ideas”
  • Alisdair Meredith “Up And Running With C++0X”
  • Steve Freeman and Nat Pryce “Growing Object Oriented Software , Guided By Tests”

Then the 22 of April will be the first day of the main conference with Keynotes from Robert Martin (uncle Bob) and Nico Josuttis.

The conference is a great one, and incredible value for money. I strongly recommend it (disclaimer: I’m the conference chair ;-)), but you don’t have to take my word for it; have a look at the programme at and decide for yourself