ACCU 2010 conference keynotes announced

The names of the ACCU 2010 conference (14-17 April 2010, Oxford, UK) keynote speakers are now public

  • Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum
  • James Bach, well-known software tester
  • Dan North, Agile coach, programmer, and inventor of Behaviour Driven Development
  • Russel Winder, author, trainer, and expert in parallel and distributed programming

As usual, the conference will feature some pre-conference tutorials:

  • A Certified Scrum Master course by Jeff Sutherland and Gabrielle Benefield (the Monday and Tuesday before the conference)
  • An introduction to the D programming language by Walter Bright and Andrei Alexandrescu
  • A course on software testing by James Bach

There is also a twitter account you can follow for updates: @accu2010.

The full programme will be announced shortly. It promises to be as exciting as ever–being the conference chair I know that for sure 😉

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